Jesse's Starship

Jesse Rollins’ family disappeared in the desert during a family camping trip. Jesse was ten years old when the event took place and they were never seen again. When the boy turns sixteen he runs away from the state orphanage and returns to the place his family disappeared from. He decided that if it happened once; it could happen again. Jesse had no idea his actions would cause the world to be thrown into a world war between the Military Leaders in the United States, China, and Russia who were planning to overthrow the governments of the planet's three most powerful nations. He also had no idea he was right about his families disappearance.
Here's a couple of Amazon reader's reviews of the first book of this action packed series:
Terrific story, novel idea, interesting development, great characters. Great space battles.
Published by "Dr. Y" (Portland ME USA)
A great fun read. Good lightweight Science Fiction, old style. Reminds me of the early days when you could pick up a book and finish it the next day then grab another and do it again, fun
Published by Peggy L. Patton 

Mike's War

From the International Bestselling Author, Saxon Andrew, come the sequel to Jesse’s Starship. Humans have been forced by Aliens to live in peace for fifteen years and things are not going well on the planet. Conditions have not improved and the Elected Leaders are doing little more than lining their own pockets with exorbitant taxes. The crazies are killing people, who no longer have a way to defend themselves and technology has stagnated. Now the Aliens have asked the unthinkable and Mike Sanders is faced with a decision that will divide Earth. Humans are going back to war against an enemy that the Aliens are unable to defeat. Will Earth decide to do their bidding or continue in peace? If they decide for war, it will be Mike’s war to win or lose. 

Joshua's Walls

Sparta has overthrown the corrupt government on Earth and replaced it with leaders intent on bringing Earth up to the technological level of the Alliance. The Alliance Engineers are installing machines that provide free food and clothing for all of Earth’s Citizens. However, they are being attacked by rebels claiming that Sparta is intent on conquering and ruling Earth. The rebellion is spreading and Jesse is forced to fight the rebels with weapons and volunteers from Earth. Sparta will defend the Alliance Installations but to use Spartan Warriors and weapons to put down the rebellion would only prove the rebels are right in their assertions of Spartan Rule.

To make matters worse, Sparta can’t go to fight with the Gracken against the Weg until the rebellion is ended. The war with the Weg is not going well and the Gracken are counting on Sparta to join them in the defense of planets that are infested with Weg Queens. Jesse calls on Joshua Adams to form an Elite Unit to take on the rebels and, though he doesn’t think the young officer can make an immediate difference, he gives Joshua and Pricilla the tools they’ll need to face their enemy.
The action is continuous from fighting the Rebels on Earth to facing off against millions of charging Weg. The Weg are winning and Joshua will have to build the walls needed to hold them back.
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