Defending Earth

Searching for Death Feeders

The Defending Earth series is a sequel to the five book Escape to Earth series; the war with the Legends has ended and their Death Feeder allies have been sent back to their civilization.  However one Death Feeder remained behind to extract vengeance on the human that ended the war and just before his death, he swore his species would return and eradicate all of humanity.  In Searching for Death Feeders, the first book of the Defending Earth series, the scouts have been sent out to determine the magnitude of the threat the Feeders represent. What they find is beyond anything they thought possible. The action starts early and doesn’t relent; Earth and its Allies will see that the worst thing they can do is go out Searching for Death Feeders. 

Discovery Means Death

Discovery Means Death, the final book in the Escape to Earth and Defending Earth saga has mankind doing everything possible to avoid discovery by the Death Feeders . The Alliance has mapped the full extent of Death Feeder territory and the numbers they’ll have to face is unimaginable. The Feeders were decoyed to a distant star cluster a hundred and fifty years earlier but now they are returning to search for their new enemy on a different course. If their fleets can’t be delayed, the Alliance will be found and discovery means death. The Alliance is woefully unprepared to meet the coming tsunami of warships. However, sometimes fate has a way of throwing a curve and discovery isn’t what it appears.

The action never lets up as the Alliance is forced to meet an enemy that has never been defeated. Discovery Means Death is a fitting conclusion to the story that began in Escape to Earth and will keep you turning pages well into the night.

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