Lens of Time

The Pyramid Builders

In the first book of this very different SciFi series for Saxon Andrew, Dr. Christopher Connor has discovered a way to view the past. His invention collects light and focuses it such that events that occurred on Earth years ago can be viewed. All one need do is travel one light year away and events that were taking place a year before could be viewed. There’s only one problem: no ship exists that can travel faster than the speed of light, so his device cannot be conclusively demonstrated to function as advertised. That’s fine with Christopher, who would much rather party and have a good time than defend his creation against critics and governmental bureaucrats. Besides, “Who would pay to view the past anyway?”

Jillian Gordon, an Egyptologist with a PhD in Quantum Physics, has discovered that the survival of Earth depends on viewing what happened during the construction of the Great Pyramid of Khufu five thousand years in the past. Christopher’s device would allow her to do just that, which is why she needs him to join her team. Christopher discovers that Jillian’s organization has engineered and built a star ship with a faster-than-light drive, which would provide the opportunity for his device to be field tested. The star-drive for that ship was developed from diagrams carved on the back of an ancient stone tablet excavated at the site of the Great Pyramid.
The predicted destruction of Earth, which is carved on the front of the same tablet, doesn’t leave Jillian much time and Christopher isn’t cooperating. Getting him to focus on what needs to be done is a problem she hadn’t counted on in her quest to save humanity. Life for Christopher is about to make a radical departure from his party, happy-go-lucky lifestyle.
What they don’t know is that the answer to Earth’s survival is more than sixty five million light years away; light that left Earth just before the mass extinction of the dinosaurs.

The Pyramid Builders is a full length novel filled with rich relationships and non-stop action and adventures.

Planet Predators

The Lens of Time series continues as Earth has managed to steal technology from both the Alliance and the Moet Empire. Earth’s star ships now stand up to the two strongest civilizations in the Galaxy. However they are millions of years behind the Blue Giant Ships who are planning to destroy all space faring civilizations in the Milky Way. The situation is made dire because the species that wiped out the Blue Giants and the Jenze four million years earlier is returning to repeat the process on new civilizations.

Even the Blue Giants have no chance against the returning warships from the giant galaxy, M-87 and time is growing short. The Moet and Alliance are evacuating their planets and Earth will be left behind to face the coming menace. The only hope of salvation is a crazy Captain that may be the difference maker in the coming war.
Planet Predator continues the action using Conner’s invention attempting to save mankind, but it might not be enough to save planets from the violet colored ships!
The series continues with twists and turns that will keep you reading.  Enjoy a reader’s take:

Fun and engaging, with loads of suspense, the book is a rush from start to finish. New civilizations are found, new relationships made, and new tactics and technologies are developed. For being as short as it is, there's a lot in it. There's not as much full blown space combat as there is in the author's other series, but events are definitely moving in that direction and hopefully the next book will have some epic battles. I particularly like the choice to make the surrounding factions deal with each other in a big free for all, adding a new dimension to how Earth is able to navigate the various dangers presented and negotiate terms with a combination of 'big stick' tactics and misdirection

Pray for the Prey

In this third book of the series humanity has managed to avoid detection by the Violet Civilization while only losing nine planets in the Milky Way to the war fleet and are now faced with the decision to either keep a low profile hiding from the Violet enemy or join the war full force against the civilization killing Violet Ships. To join the war with only 1,200 main battleships and attempt to take on  the 300,000 ships on a mission to attack Andromeda was surely suicidal.  But to lay low and wait was just as dangerous. Whichever path they chose, everyone needed to take time to pray for the prey.

Here are couple of reader reviews:
Amazon Customer: This is another excellent book in the Lens of Time series. Well paced, well written and excellent continuity of characters and story line. I can't wait for the next book. I say this even though I'm the type of reader who enjoys long novels of 500 pages or more.

Conquestor1: I have read the entire series. I found them provocative and in alot of ways a mirror to the history of Earth. I recomend them to anyone who enjoys a good read - difficult to put down once you start.

The End of Time

This story continues the story of Earth’s war with the civilizations in the giant galaxy M87. Earth and its Minor Allies have defeated the first fleet of warships sent against them but now the Majors are planning to combine their forces. If that happens, no one will survive the massive fleets moving against them.

What neither side of the struggle knows is that both warring parties have been designated for destruction by an ancient enemy that has never tasted defeated.
The action continues in The End of Time as Earth continues the struggle to survive the overwhelming forces arrayed against it. Could this be the end of time for the warriors fighting for survival.

Star Rover: Worst of Time

The series continues with Earth’s struggle with the civilizations in the giant galaxy, M87. A thousand years of peace in the new Galactic Alliance is now in jeopardy. Civil war is imminent and the aggressors know Earth and its allies must be removed as a roadblock to their plans.

What the Aggressors don’t know is the Union has found an advanced civilization in a distant galaxy that is starting to expand. It’s just a matter of time until the Alliance and the Union will be faced with an enemy unlike any horror they’ve ever encountered. Earth and its Union allies are now faced with danger on two fronts and both are powerful enough to prevail. Difficult choices must be made during this worst of time for the union.

The action continues in Star Rover-The Worst of Time as Earth fights to survive the overwhelming forces arrayed against it. The ancestors of those who fought in the First Galactic War are faced with the real possibility of seeing Earth destroyed again.

Star Rover: Running Out of Time

The Union has defeated the Masters and can now confront the Grillen, who have invaded more than a million planets in M87 and are threatening to invade the Union. While the Union was fighting for survival against the black monsters in a distant galaxy, the Grillen have begun building warships that are invincible. They are immune to the Rover’s beams and the Union’s force fields are no barrier to their destructive power. No one knows where the Grillen suddenly acquired this new and deadly technology but an answer must be found quickly before the full production of these Grey Ships leads to the Union Fleets being overwhelmed.

Time is running out and the future doesn’t look good. The only chance of success is going to be left in the ten arms of a former Master and there is huge doubt he can be trusted. The action becomes fast and furious when the source of the Grillen Technology enters the war. This is a page turner that will keep you up to the thrilling conclusion.

Star Rover: Chosen to Die

The war with the Servants ended eighteen years ago and the Union has, on the surface, been at peace. The probes sent to spy on the Union by the Blue Ships have not seen anything that would represent an issue for them. However, they’ve decided that it is unacceptable for another advanced civilization to know where they live. A new wave of probes in launched to set up the coming invasion to destroy the civilized planets in the Milky Way. There are two things the invaders don’t know. The Union knew about their probes the moment they arrived seventeen years earlier and has been preparing for the eventuality of an attack. What neither of them know is that the Invaders also have invisible probes in their own galaxy planning for an invasion by a massive force that has chosen them as its next conquest. Things get out our hand quickly and it becomes difficult to determine who the real enemy is and who is chosen to die.

Lens Of Time Anthology

This box set includes the first four books of the Lens of Time Series. This series dives into the questions that have been pondered so many times over our history ,,, how in the world were the Pyramids ever built or how other impossible structures were constructed so long ago; some so precisely that they would be a challenge even with today's technology. The Lens of Time is a fun SciFi series that explores events in Human History that makes you scratch your head and wonder . A roaring science fiction adventure that will entertain you and keep you enthralled with all the struggles mankind faces while attempting to survive the return of dangerous aliens to a universe they first visited long, long ago.
The Pyramid Builders kicks it off in a big way.
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