Fight for Creation

Life Warrior

The first book in the next series, “Life Warrior”, explores the loss of ground by the Realm because of powerful advances from aggressive civilizations that have taken a toll on thousands of peaceful civilizations. The loss of psychic abilities, diminishing numbers of Commanders to fly the most powerful warships of the Realm and many enemies that possess extremely advanced technologies left them at a great disadvantage to a killer psychic species that has already killed all life on thousands of planets and was headed right for them. Surprisingly the only survivors of the Dremor attacks are three male infants. These three brothers will play an important role in determining the possible survival of the Realm. The three come to know they share a common destiny which begins when they don the armor of a Life Warrior.

 “Life Warrior” continues the action as the Bristone Realm moves forward in the struggle to survive a tsunami of enemy warships led by a species that has never tasted defeat.

Scout Warrior

In the second book of this series a hundred and sixty years have passed since the three brothers stopped the Dremor and brought the Royals back to respectability. But now no one hears the music of Creation and the Realm is once again losing ground to more aggressive civilizations. The Creator is sick and will die if the forces against the Realm are not stopped, and soon.
To make matters worse, one of the largest and most aggressive civilizations has developed and incorporated a new high powered beam on their battleships that no ship of the Realm can withstand. The new beam coupled with a teleport suppression field may be the final death knell for the Life Warriors.
Then one small being arrives in the Realm to play. Initially being turned down for service by the Warriors but persisting until finally managing to be accepted by the force and her impact on events is monumental; surprising everyone, even herself.
The Fight for Creation is getting deadly and the action continues in the second book of the series, Scout Warrior.

Ultimate Warrior

Realm has arrived at the point where the four most dangerous species in Creation must be confronted. Twenty thousand years of struggle and war have led up to this defining moment and the enemies arrayed against the Realm are formidable. But a new Warrior has been created to use the most dangerous species in existence as a tool of destruction. Would this new warrior prove to be the Ultimate Warrior or will the tool turn on the Realm and destroy it. One mistake could prove fatal.
In true Sci-Fi Space Opera fashion the final story of the Fight for Creation comes to a conclusion that is action filled and will be hard to put down. The Realm’s survival depends on the Ultimate Warrior.

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