Trapped in Time

Book 1: The Time Takers

Book one in a new series by Saxon Andrew, Trapped in Time-The Time Takers is a must read that will keep your attention through the last page. Throughout history, humans have been saved a moment before they died. Those that are taken, awake to find themselves in a strange new world different from anything they had ever seen. They discover that some agency has taken them out of the time they lived and dropped them into the early Cretaceous Age. They are now faced with surviving in a world that was called the Golden Age of the Dinosaurs. Not only must they learn how to survive the giant carnivores but also survive other humans. They are challenged to build a civilization ninety million years before the first Homo sapiens appeared on Earth. The humans struggling to survive wonder if the Time Takers are a larger danger than any they face in the prehistoric world they now inhabit. One of them is determined to find out why they were taken and his quest could endanger everyone. 

Book 2: Taming A Planet

Taming A Planet continues the story of humans fighting to survive during the Golden Age of Dinosaurs against giant carnivores and other humans bent on planet domination. The Community has survived for two hundred and fifty years and have now determined why the Time Takers brought them back. If giant carnivores and other humans aren’t enough, they are going to have to face an advanced alien species coming to kill them. The Aliens will have to wait, as the Archers and Fliers fight to Tame a Planet. 

Book 3: Extinction

 The Community has survived multiple attacks from the Destroyers and now Andy is planning a surprise attack against their city. The Destroyers are preparing defenses against the coming invasion and they’ve determined that their enemy is capable of flying. The new defenses will be devastating. 

A suicide mission is sent to scout the Destroyers and to free a slave. Andy will discover that the forces arrayed against him are formidable and the prospects of success are not looking good. He knows the enemy coming from space will arrive soon and he suspects they will come with the arrival of the asteroid that will devastate the planet. 

Before he can turn his attention to the coming aliens, the Destroyers must be handled. Time is running out and Earth is facing a major extinction and whoever wins may end up a loser. Ultimately, the real danger to the surviving humans will be the species that originally took humans back in time. The Time Takers have an agenda and they will accept nothing less than destruction of the coming aliens and every living human. The action is non-stop in this final book of the series. 

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