Nemesis: Revenge is Best Served Hot

This is a story of two genetically modified human babies that have been taken to the Choten-Zan Monastery to be raised. The ancient priests have agreed to teach them their best hand-to-hand combat techniques as they develop their speed and keen reflexes. On their eighteenth birthday the children are sent away with space armor in a ship that was left for them by the one that delivered them to the Zan priests.
When they leave the monastery and they do not know who they are, where they were born or what lies ahead. They kidnap a Werstag Engineer on a planet where they are attacked by hundreds of Yellow Armored Warriors. He tells them that they are a species called human and that their attackers are from a civilization that destroyed their home world. Grant and Cinny decide that Earth’s destroyers must pay for their crime. But first they have to find an invincible warship named Orion’s Sword to make that happen.
The Werstag tells them that they were created to be the Orion’s pilots and the Yellow Species knows the danger they represent. The race begins to see if the Raiders can kill the two before they find the most powerful warship in the universe.
The action is non-stop as the two young humans struggle against dark forces arrayed against them. Discovering their real enemy is a shock that forces them to reevaluate their determination to take revenge for Earth’s destruction. But when revenge is served hot it has a way of quickly getting out of hand.

Nemesis : The Search for Orion

Earth had killed the two human genetics and the Animals are now left with a decision to make. Do they hide from the Earth Conquerors or do they take the offensive. Thousands of planets are being overrun by Earth’s military forces and they know that one day, Earth will find them. It appears there’s nothing capable of standing in the way of Earth conquering all the know civilizations.
But fate has a funny way of stepping in and changing everything. Knowing who the real enemy is becomes difficult to determine as the warriors from Earth find out the truth about the destruction of Avalon. The tide changes but a new more powerful enemy appears and the only thing that can stop them is a hidden invincible warship named Orion. Time is running out for all civilized planets and the first one targeted for destruction is Earth.
The action continues and this one will keep you turning the pages as the Search for Orion intensifies. 
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