Jimmy's Dream

Jimmy's Dreams

Most of us have experienced Deja vu, where you know you’ve seen events around you happening before…and then the feeling fades and is gone. Jimmy Carpenter has dreams and they come true. He started having them as a young child and he thought everyone did the same thing.

However, Jimmy has had a dream and the nightmare vision is terrifying. Jimmy is having difficulty deciding if this dream is real or a product of his imagination. He puts the dream aside but learns from his mother that his father was a dream and not a part of reality. When his only dream that had never come true, does, then he knows the nightmare is coming and everyone is going to die. 

Bestselling author, Saxon Andrew delivers a page turner that will make you believe that Jimmy’s Dream is a nightmare that could actually happen. Sit down and hold on. Some Dreams are Nightmares.

Jimmy's Dreams II

In this sequel, Jimmy Carpenter continues to have dreams and they come true. He dreamt of three-giant asteroids impacting Earth and devastating the planet. Through his efforts he managed to reduce the number three to two-asteroids but ninety-eight percent of humanity has died in the cataclysm and nuclear winter that followed the impacts. The aliens that pushed the asteroids out of the asteroid belt to destroy humanity have left to allow the planet time to heal before coming back to sell the planet as parcels of real estate to members of their species.

The community Jimmy built in the Swiss Alps which survived the impacts is flourishing and preparing for the Alien's return but they are unaware of just how large the magnitude of what's coming really is. The universe can deliver some wicked curve balls and they're on the way to the plate.
But Jimmy is still having dreams and his children are having them as well. However, knowing what's coming and being able to do something about it are two entirely different things. They'll soon find out...because this dream is a real nightmare.
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