Love Conquers All

“Love Conquers All” is the first book in the Number One Bestselling Science Fiction Series: Annihilation. This series is Space Opera at its finest; all nine books in the series have been number one bestsellers at Amazon's Science Fiction Series genre. The following Amazon reader review describes the series well:

I was amazed at Saxon's beautiful re-creation of some of the best Golden Age SF. There just wasn't enough of it written. Modern authors usually don't or won’t get into the spirit of a good Space Opera. Saxon has real heroes (smart ones, great space battles, grand alien empires and bad guys you can love).
He has it all. The characters are pure types. They are also powerful. What really made this book great was the marvelous style. His pacing and scene cutting remind me of E.R. Burroughs. Sharp! Fast paced and quick, the battle scenes remind me of Drake. I am so grateful to read a book that is not dripping PC (sorry PC police!). A true blast from the past, I cannot wait to read the rest of the series. I only wish more authors had the ability and courage to write like this. E.E Smith would be proud.

The Power of a Queen

The Humans have destroyed 2,000 Alliance Warships and now they are taking the war to the worlds responsible for attempting to destroy Earth. The Alliance still has more than 48,000 Warships but the way things are going, they may not be enough. A new Queen has come to power and her impact on the struggle will be monumental.

The Annihilation Trilogy continues in the second book and the adventure intensifies as the forces arrayed against humanity are coming enmass. Hang on. The ride gets more intense.

A Rose Grows in Weeds

The Stars Realm has 832 new members and they are ready to go to the Galaxy of the plant creatures and attempt to stop their destrucdtion of entire planets. It is not going to be easy having to face fleets of more than a million warships with some of the largest being longer than twenty miles. This confrontation is going to be monumental.

The King and Queen have also given birth to a child with psychic abilities that will play a large role if the Realm is to survive. It may be that the enemy is too large to stop. With space and land battles of epic proportions, the action will keep you turning pages.

Tommy's Tale

In the fourth book of the Best Selling Annihilation Series, “Tommy’s Tale”, the Stars Realm is finally at peace and the Algeans are now allies of the Realm. The Gardner’s youngest child, Tommy, has made a quest to free the captured Alfont from the Captors that have held them imprisoned for more than sixty million years. The Captors are hundreds of millions of years more advanced technologically than the Stars Realm military and nothing in the Realm’s arsenal can match their ships, some of which are more than three thousand miles in diameter. The Captors have annihilated more than a million planets whose starships had the misfortune to stumble into their domain and Tommy is putting the Realm on a collision course with these beings that show no mercy. What the Realm doesn’t know is that the Captors are coming no matter what course Tommy decides to follow. The difference maker in the coming conflict could be two Algean Adolescents that have started their education. These two will find redemption for all the destroyed worlds their race harvested and perhaps even more than redemption, each other.

The Annihilation Series continues and the action is non-stop as the Stars Realm fights to survive its most dangerous opponent.


The Captor’s have departed to their new home but have left a warning about a looming attack from a species that is known as universe killers. The Eight Legs were more than two hundred million years old and they invade universes to destroy all intelligent life. Having already destroyed the Star Realm’s universe 8 million years prior, the Eight Legs would not have returned for millions of years, but the Captors knew the creation of their new home would bring them back sooner and with the knowledge that only a highly advance life form could create a new universe.

These green eight legged creatures invade with ships as large as medium sized planets and their numbers are in the billions. No intelligent life has ever survived their attention and the Royal Family senses them coming soon. The Realm has learned the invader’s ships will not appear on any of their sensors and all of the Stars Realm’s weapons will be useless against the unique material used to construct the hulls of their ships.

The Realm appears to be doomed but Cassandra has had a vision of one of her decedents who will lead them against this ruthless enemy. She has seen him and knows that he is a Searcher.

The Annihilation Series continues and the action is non-stop as the Stars Realm fights to survive against a species that has never known defeat. 

Demon's Sacrifice

”The universal doorway into the Stars Realm has been destroyed delaying future invasions by the Eight Legs. They are still very much a danger in the sixth book of the series and it is just a matter of time until their scientists find a way to return to the Realm. The Stars Realm and its new friends must find a means of stopping this enemy from future attacks and their continued destruction of intelligent life in other universes.

But now Destiny’s child has uncovered another creature that makes the Eight Legs appear tame in comparison. Even the Eight Legs will die if this being turns its focus toward them. Nothing the Stars Realm has faced will measure up to the ancient evil of this new threat and it is coming to the Realm. But first, it will deal with the Eight Legs. 

Finding Keepers

In the seventh book of the Annihilation Series, “Finding Keepers,” the Royal Family has been sensing danger coming to the Realm for five years. The Queen of the Stars Realm, Valerie Rose Gardner, has had visions of strange brown starships attacking one of the Realm’s members, killing everyone on the planet. Also she’s seen a new Super Psychic that could save the Realm from these new invaders and orders a massive search to find him. The invading ships are indestructible with beams that destroy everything they touch. She knows the Keepers are coming and time is growing short, the psychic must be found before the Realm is finding Keepers on every member planet! But more important than finding the possible savior of the Realm could be finding the Gardners!

Searching For A Hero

For the first time in the Stars Realm’s history it was at peace. The major forces of evil had been destroyed and there was no civilization that could take on the power of the Realm. However evil has a way of growing like a cancer; civilizations that were long dormant began to covet what others possessed. Looking at the big picture, all appeared to be calm and peaceful, but a closer inspection reveals the growing numbers of would be conquerors starting to flex their muscles. These seeds were growing in power and numbers, but against the backdrop of Creation and billions of galaxies, they easily remained almost invisible.

Five hundred years had passed since the destruction of the last five major evil civilizations that threatened Creation. The Realm’s military had shrunk in numbers and most of them were used closer to home. The heroes of the Realm had vanished over time and the numbers of Royalty who still possessed psychic abilities had become close to non-existent. The ability to sense what was coming had been lost and the Realm was flying blind into a future no one anticipated.

The giant Northern Mountain Cats delivered a message from Creation to the King that there existed a special warrior who was needed to lead the Realm against a coming enemy that was as dangerous as any the Realm had ever faced. Peace was ending and the orders went out; the Realm began searching for a hero.

Dahlia's Deception

In the last book in the Annihilation series, “Dahlia’s Deception,” the Star’s Realm is faced with a coming invasion from another universe that will overwhelm the Realm. The Planters are doing all they can to delay the invasion but the Five Major Civilizations are too powerful for them to take on alone and the invasion appears to be unavoidable.

The Planters are beginning to suspect the Realm has an agenda that poses a threat to their existence. Are they being set up to take a fall? Knowing the truth, Dahlia, the Queen’s sister, is caught in the middle of the intrigue because she knows if the truth is revealed her people will be isolated in a universe where the Gardner’s will launch a doomsday device to prevent the invasion; making it impossible for any intelligent life to survive.

Dalia walks a very tight line between saving her people and allowing the trillions in the Stars Realm to die. Being caught in the middle and not knowing that everything she believes to be true is going to be shattered by an ultimate evil no one sees coming is the crux of this fast paced, action packed story that is full of twists and turns.

Psychic Beginnings - Annihilation Series Prequel

From the Number One International Bestselling Author Saxon Andrew comes the Prequel to the number one bestselling Annihilation Series. This book takes place a thousand years before the Annihilation Series when Earth was ravaged by world wars.
The first in the Gardner family to be born with unique abilities faces the coming destruction and attempts to save the world from the onrushing horrors.
From inner city street gangs to the jungles of South Vietnam, Anthony Gardner must follow a path to discover his talents before time runs out. The vision of the coming cataclysm is becoming clearer and there is no way to stop it from destroying those AG loves unless he finishes his quest. 

Annihilation Box Set

This boxed anthology contains the complete story of the Stars Realm. The first series written by Saxon Andrew is the love story of Tag and Danielle set in a space opera that harkens of the golden age of SciFi and explores how two humans can change everything. There are forces the Realm must overcome to survive and the conflicts that ensue will keep you turning pages well into the night. In this collection, there are more than three thousand pages to keep your imagination stimulated as well as heroes and heroines that you can easily identify with. Space battles on a massive scale, advanced civilizations attacking mankind, and imagined technology that will make you wonder are just some of what lies ahead in this series. 
So take a seat, sit back, and enjoy Saxon’s first series, written as an unknown author just a short time ago. 
I owe so much to this series and I really believe you and every member of your family will truly enjoy the story. ~ Saxon Andrew

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