The Death Prophecies

The Coming of the Prophet

Saxon Andrew’s eleventh series, The Death Prophecies, begins with The Coming of the Prophet. A strange alien calling himself ‘the Prophet’ has appeared in orbit above Earth and the planet’s most powerful weapons have proved useless against his ship’s defenses.

To make matters worse, the Prophet tells mankind that Earth will soon be invaded and destroyed if the nations don’t learn how to live in peace and start building together to meet the coming enemy. Failure to change humanity’s warlike ways will lead to its destruction.

This Death Prophecy isn’t initially believed but when the Prophet starts sending a series of recordings of planets conquered by the Traugh, mankind is forced to re-evaluate and begin to live together focused on a common goal. Humanity has never lived in peace and time is running out. Mankind is forced to turn to a human the Prophet has chosen, but he refuses the role being forced on him. Will he make the difference? First, he has to believe he can.

The Prophet’s Eyes

 The Death Prophecies continues with its second entry, The Prophet’s Eyes, and the action picks up momentum.  Earth and the Bosrean have managed to hide from the Traugh Empire by deceiving them into believing that the ship that destroyed their Governing Planet came from the Andromeda Galaxy. The Traugh are now ready to go and find the enemy in Andromeda, but what they discover will not only put their empire at risk but also Earth and Bosrean. The Prophet has gone home and the only thing that stands between Earth and destruction is an invisible warship that was built for the Prophet and named the Prophet’s Eyes. Hiding is no longer an option and the number of warships threating the Milky Way is beyond comprehension and the Darkness Civilization in the middle of the Andromeda Galaxy threatens all life in both galaxies.

The only possible salvation must come from what the Prophet’s Eyes can do to stop this new enemy. Following the established Death Prophecies may not be an option and Earth may be forced to violate the very first Death Prophecy to save the two planets.

The Unknown Enemy Will Kill You

In the The Unknown Enemy Will Kill You Saxon Andrew continues to masterfully spin The Death Prophecies series as the Bosrean and Earth Alliance have finally gained control over the threats in the Milky Way and are now turning their attention to the aggressive civilizations on the other side of the black hole in the center of the galaxy. Poul, the ships computer that has been there since the beginning, has warned them that the civilization that originally built the Prophet’s Eyes was under attack from an advanced aggressive species. Earth is not going to wait to see if that species is coming. A pilot has been chosen and he will be the first to attempt to pass through the singularity. If he fails, then more will be selected to follow him. Fleet Leader Steve Connor expects the worst but hopes for the best. The Darkness Civilization has built defenses around the black hole in the Andromeda Galaxy due to its last intruder which adds another layer. The evidence is clear that something came through their black hole that had a huge effect on the Darkness.  The Darkness must be scouted and that task falls to the Prophet’s Eyes and the Fleet Leader’s sister, Stella. What they find will turn Earth’s attention away from its black hole to the threat in Andromeda. This new enemy to mankind is a nightmare larger than anything they imagined. Buckle in and enjoy the ride. This one will keep you turning pages until the end.

No Technology Is Invincible

The fourth book in this series finds Humanity struggling to determine how to handle the increasing number of aggressive civilizations bent on its destruction. There are new threats that make the Traugh look like a walk in the park. A brilliant Cadet discovers that the time the Senior Admirals thought they had to build the weapons needed to defend against the coming threats isn’t there. The enemies will be arriving far faster than anticipated. And if that’s not enough, the revelation that friends can be your worse enemies complicates the situation to the point where Earth’s Military is frozen. 
The only chance of survival is to revert back to hiding and work against time to develop the weapons that can give humans a chance. To make matters worse, Earth’s best Admiral is forced to deal with a loss he never saw coming and appears not to be up to the task of leading mankind out of the darkness facing it. The twists and turns will keep you guessing and the action doesn’t slow down. 

Survival is Never Free

As this series continues it looks like mankind just can’t catch a break. You’re going to need a dance card keep track of the number of dangerous predator civilizations threatening to eradicate humanity. First the Traugh, then the Halo Civilizations in the Andromeda Galaxy, followed by the aggressive civilizations in the Carand Galaxy. All small fries compared to the latest arrivals. The Darkness has taken control of Earth and now the Giant Black Warships of the Azura, along with the Builders' massive fleets, have arrived in the Carand Galaxy and threaten to enter the Milky Way. To make matters worse, the really giant warships used by the Civilization in the Ritual Galaxy have entered the mix and they’re more advanced than any of the other combatants. 
Into this boiling cauldron, the Prophet's Granddaughter appears and tells Admiral Connor that she is called by a destiny that she is unable to explain. She only knows that it involves preventing the destruction of her home planet as well as Earth. Humanity is desperately trying to remain hidden while preparing to counter the forces arrayed against them. The Death Prophecies have helped Humanity survive against powerful forces in the past but nothing like the current enemies have ever been encountered. There doesn’t appear to be much hope of survival until two engineers make a startling discovery that will impact the course of coming events. Will it be enough against the massive fleets coming through the black hole in the center of the Milky Way? 
The action picks up speed as humanity struggles to survive in a universe filled with aggressive predator civilizations; making this a page turner that will be hard to put down. 

The Last Prophecy

In the final book of the Death Prophecies Series humanity is facing the most dangerous civilization to ever threaten it. One-by-one the other would be conquers have been defeated or have fled the giant Flasher Warships. The Colonies have developed new technology to confront the giant warships on an equal footing but the numbers of advanced warships using it are pitifully few when measured against the vast fleets facing them. The Flashers intend to quickly use their huge advantage in numbers to find the Colonies’ Fleet and eliminate them. 
Scott and Amy have retired from the military to spend their retirement years on Earth. They are unwittingly caught in the middle of a plan to draw the Colony Fleet out of hiding and Timmy Hart is determined to prevent his mother’s death, no matter the cost. The consequences of that decision will be devastating. Admiral Connor knows he doesn’t have what he needs to adequately defend Earth, but just can't stand by and watch it die. 
The Last Prophecy starts fast and never slows down moving toward a climax of epic proportions. Time is working against humanity and there doesn’t appear to be much hope of surviving the coming Flasher’s invasion. 
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