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   The Complete Annihilation Series, my very first, is an anthology of the eight books that tells the story of the Stars Realm. It is the love story of Tag and Danielle set in a grand space opera and showing how two humans can change everything. The forces that the Realm is forced to overcome just to survive is a story that will keep you turning pages well into the night. 
   In this collection, there are more than three thousand pages to keep your imagination stimulated as well as heroes and heroines that you will easily identify with. Space battles on a massive scale, advanced civilizations attacking mankind, and technology that will amaze you are just some of what lies ahead.
   So take a seat, sit back and enjoy my first series written as an unknown author years ago. I owe so much to this series and I really hope you and every member of your family will truly enjoy this story.
  The first four books of this series will have you wondering about the Great Pyramids. A roaring scifi adventure that will entertain and enthralled as mankind faces a universe filled with dangerous aliens.
  Dr. Christopher Connor's discovery which enables veiwing events from the past; all one need do is travel one light year away. There’s only one problem: no technology exists that can travel faster than the speed of light.  Not a problem for Dr. Connor, who would much rather have a good time than defend his creation. 
  Jillian Gordon, an Egyptologist with a PhD in Quantum Physics, has discovered that the survival of Earth depends on secrets of  five thousand year old Great Pyramid of Khufu. Her team has engineered a starship with a faster-than-light drive but she needs Christopher’s device  and his expertise.  
  What neither of them realize is that the answer to survival is more than sixty-five-million light years away in light that left Earth just before the mass extinction of the dinosaurs.
You will lose yourself in the expansive universe as Humanity struggles to find its place among the stars and aggressive alien civilizations. Once humans begin leaving Earth to colonize new worlds, the best and brightest jump at the adventure. Ultimately, this led to civil war and laid waste to Earth in a horrific nuclear war. The colonies decide to give power to a monarchy, hoping for a peaceful future. However, not all of the colonized worlds agreed and a rebellion against the Royal Planet. begins
  The Lost Prince, the sole survivor of the Royal Family must be found before he can activate the defensive obelisks. The Prince realizes that the worlds in Orion are not the real threat to mankind. Can he get the message out to humanity before he found by all those who are searching for him. The story starts up fast and builds momentm throughout the four book series. Sit back and enjoy the ride.
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