Escape to Earth

Running From Fate

Saxon Andrew newest series Escape to Earth begins with ‘Running from Fate’; an action packed story set in current time following a Welken warrior who comes to earth attempting to escape sure death from the enemies who are pursuing him. The main character’s civilization exists within a community of planets called the Fellowship. Life in the Fellowship is characterized by constant war among the members. Far across the galaxy a Welken Task Force stumbles upon a massive secret Myot ship building complex. In the ensuing battle every Welken Warship is destroyed before they can warn their home worlds of the new Myot’s battleships. Only one escape pod manages to survive the battle and the Myot know it must be prevented from making it back to Welken territory. Every Myot Warship is called in to block the escape pod from going home while thousands of trackers move in to follow the skip trace left in its wake. It must be found and destroyed before the locations of the Myot Construction Planets are revealed. 
The Escape Pod’s computer knows the chances of escape are growing smaller with each passing moment and it’s forced to make a hard decision. Landing on a primitive planet is forbidden by the most powerful species in the Milky Way, the Sentinels. The computer knows there’s no other choice available to save its occupant and its programming dictates it must do all it can to save him. The only possible salvation is to escape to Earth and try to hide. 

However, no one has ever survived the fate awaiting those that violate the Sentinels’ Covenant and the Stalkers have always found their quarry. Escaping to Earth was the simple part, running from the fate stalking them will be quite another. Making the task even more daunting is a rogue sentinel who has been working an agenda that would lead to Earth’s ultimate destruction. The pieces are coming together and the arrival of the escape pod and its occupant will accelerate the plan toward completion.

Fighting For Space

The second book in the Escape to Earth series ‘Fighting for Space’ continues the action between the forces in conflict. Discovering who your enemies might be is a task fraught with intrigue and miscalculations. The villain today may be tomorrow’s hero. The way things keep changing, it’s going to take a score card to keep track of who the next civilization is to attack Earth.

Something, or someone, is manipulating mankind and it appears they’re doing it to help Earth survive. Their handiwork is easily seen, after events unfold, but no one knows who it is or what their motives are. Once this mystery unravels, Lukas learns that Earth is being set up for destruction and the force coming to do so is unstoppable. All the assistance being given to him will not be enough to hold back the coming tide. Mankind has no choice but to fight for space and make the enemy fight for every inch. The action is unrelenting in ‘Fighting for Space’. 

Defending Holy Ground

The Escape to Earth series continues with the third book, ‘Defending Holy Ground’. The Invasion from M-87 has been delayed by the destruction of the conduit that was built connecting the two galaxies. But the Leaders in that gigantic galaxy are not giving up easily and intend to find the High Energy Being they detected and kill it. Their fear of the Sentinel will push them into a series of questionable decisions. Pat is the last remaining Sentinel in the Milky Way and he intends to do whatever is necessary to protect the civilizations in the Fellowship by offering Earth up as a sacrifice. 

Humanity has decided that they are not going out without a fight to defend the planet of their ancestors. The fight to defend this Holy Ground is going to be beyond imagination and the numbers coming to attack will be overwhelming. Millions of Earth’s population have been moved to Andromeda but time is running out for those that are still on the planet. What the leaders of Earth don’t realize is that the last Sentinel will lead the invaders to Earth if they don’t find it on their own and defense lies beyond anything within their grasp. The action picks up speed in the Escape to Earth series in this page turner. 

The Legacy of a Conqueror

“The Legacy of a Conqueror” is the fourth book in the Escape to Earth series and continues the story of a heroic alien striving to defend Earth against overwhelming odds. The Combined Fleets have pushed back the invading fleet from the giant galaxy, M-87. However, another player has entered the game and has attacked M-87 with a vengeance. It doesn’t take long to discover that the Milky Way is the next target of the Grey Colored Warships.

While this new enemy is moving forward, Earth’s best warrior has been arrested and faces charges of treason. The Leaders of Earth see the relationship with the Fellowship Civilization falling apart if Christopher Stone is not turned over for trial. With three galaxies at war and a fourth arming to join the conflict on short order, reluctantly they send him to be tried by the Fellowship. 

The entire cluster is a war zone and Lukas has decided that Earth is not going to continue to wait for enemies to attack. Earth is going to take the fight to those that wish to eradicate mankind. It will require a special human to go out and kill civilizations of warriors to defend Earth and Lukas is wondering what his legacy will be. One thing he know for certain: planets were going to burn. In this book action builds into a climatic confrontation between four galaxies and a distant enemy.

Living Legends

Living Legends, the final book of the Escape to Earth series, continues with the building of new super Warships to attack Earth and its Allies in order to remove the Sentinels as a threat. The Goran Scouts have intercepted their plans and the location of their new warship. A quick scan of the Legends' new main battleship shows its a monster. The galaxies controlled by the Legends are gathering their fleets and soon, Earth will be attacked again by a larger and more powerful enemy. 

A new First Commander is needed to lead the three allied galaxies against the coming storm. What the allies don’t know is that a new telepathic species that feeds on the minds of intelligent beings has joined the Legends. They are also unaware that there are more Living Legends than they ever thought possible. The war is coming and the numbers will make all the other invasions look tiny in comparison. 

Living Legends takes off at full speed and doesn’t slow down. 

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