Star Chase

The Lost Prince

This series takes place a thousand years in Earth’s future after mankind has moved out into the galaxy. With new characters and powerful enemies, the series will hook you from the start. The worlds in the Orion Nebula had been planning rebellion against the Galactic Union for more than a hundred years and it has now started with a sneak attack against the Royal Family. The attack on the Royal Palace killed everyone in the palace including half of the invaders. Only one member of the Royal Family wasn’t in the palace when the invaders struck. The attackers were soon forced to flee the planet of Euclid but not before determining that the Prince was no longer on the planet.
Only a member of the Royal Family could power the Obelisks, which meant that if the Prince was to return to Euclid, the main Obelisk would power all the other Obelisks on the worlds of the Union and the rebellion would be over before it began.  The Prince had to be found and eliminated.

The Nebula chose their most powerful warrior to find him. There was little chance of the Prince escaping the Dark Officer. He was a High Genetic and possessed unique tracking skills. The only question was how many were going to die before he succeeded.

What the Nebula and Union didn’t know was that they were all at risk of being destroyed; only the Prince could save them. Would they find out in time? The action is nonstop in Star Chase as the Prince runs to save himself and the Union.

Nowhere to Run

The Rebellion is over and the Union has united against the powerful Slaver Civilization on the other side of the Milky Way’s Black Hole. The Union has managed to remain hidden from this new threat but has made a critical mistake in attempting to deceive them into believing it was located in Andromeda. The evil awakened in Andromeda is now a threat to both civilizations.  Enemies are lining up and the Union is now a target of two powerful foes.  The Prince and the Dark Officer are now working together to ensure the safety of the Union.   It’s only a matter of time until thy're found and there is nowhere to run.
Enjoy this review from another Amazon Reader:
A really well written Sci-Fi tale. Saxon Andrew is an outstanding writer of the Sci-Fi genre. Books are exciting and well paced. I make it a point to buy just about everything he writes. You will not be disappointed!
Published by RMeinhardt55

Nowhere to Hide

The newly formed Alliance is faced with a difficult choice of either maintaining a low profile as the massive Invader Fleets attack the civilizations in the giant galaxy, M87, or joining them in defense of their galaxy. The Invaders have more than a billion two mile long Battleships and advanced technology that threatens to overwhelm the defenders. The consensus is to stay out of the fight but Dee Montgomery senses that the Milky Way will be attacked within two years if the Invaders are not slowed down in M87. The Alliance is in a dire situation and there’s not much time to decide what to do.

The action continues as the Alliance is forced to decide whether to defend the galaxy that attacked them or look for a place to move their populations. It’s becoming clear that escape will be next to impossible because there’s nowhere to hide. 

Probe Predators

The Families were defeated two thousand years ago and the Union and the civilizations in M87 pledged to always come to each other’s defense. However, time erases the lessons of the past and M87 is now planning a sneak attack against the Union. They are mobilizing their fleets and they’ve managed to get the Union to agree to not enter their galaxy.
The Union has mothballed all of its warships and is left wide open to the coming attack. The accidental discovery of probes that were launched by the last Family’s warship two thousand years earlier leads Trip Montgomery into violating the newly imposed border around their former ally. He has to find the probes before they broadcast an ancient call for help. With M87 warships chasing him across their galaxy, Trip discovers that everyone in both galaxies was in harm’s way. The probes were calling a danger that made the Family’s attack look like a stroll in the park. 

Star Chase - The Anthology

The Star Chase boxed set will take you to places where you will lose yourself in the vast expanse of the universe as Humanity struggles to find its place among the stars and aggressive alien civilizations. This story is set after humanity discovers a means of reaching the stars and things will never be the same. Mankind begins to colonize new worlds, things change on the home world of Earth and drama unfolds across the galaxy. You’ll watch the rise and fall of a galactic monarchy and then follow the journey of the sole survivor of an attack on the Royal Family fleeing from the Orion Nebula’s war fleet. As the rebellion spreads, the Nebula Forces know the lost prince must be found before he can activate the defensive obelisks scattered around the Union. While running from the Orion Fleets, the prince accidently discovers the existence of an advanced alien species directly across the galaxy that is a slaver society. The prince realizes that the worlds in Orion are not the real threat to mankind. His got to get the message out to humanity while avoiding the Nebula Forces that are everywhere and have been ordered kill him on sight. 
From the advanced Genetic Humans on Euclid to the Dark Nebula Officer sent to capture the prince, the story picks up speed and builds through the four book series. Sit back and enjoy the ride. 

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