Stories from the Filaments

Gregor's Run

An orphaned young human struggles to survive in a universe that offers him little more than despair. His dirty day-to-day existence working on commercial starships barely provides enough coins to feed his alcohol addiction. To make matters worse, he discovers that two very powerful forces are attempting to capture him and he has no clue as to why. The Venzel Dragons are recognized as the most deadly warriors in the known universe and he’s never heard of the ‘Movement’, as it is one of the most secretive organizations ever.
Gregor just can’t figure out why they’re after him and remaining free is quickly becoming more difficult. He has no choice but to run and try to determine why he is being pursued. He must go back to Earth to find out who he really is and what he finds changes his world completely. A painful revelation concerning his adopted father makes him resolve to exact revenge. But what can a filthy, alcoholic bum do against two of the most powerful forces in the universe? The answer lies in the forest world of Bellingham and according to the Cartian Database, no one has traveled to that planet in more than six hundred years and returned. 

Gregor’s Run will keep you guessing at every turn as he struggles to find himself in a universe he thinks has gone insane. 

Soul of the Swords

Bestselling author, Saxon Andrew takes you back to the Filament Universe to meet new characters confronting an unstoppable foe. The filaments are super-highways between galaxies and the life blood of trade between distant civilizations. However, sometimes traders are not the only ones that shows up knocking on the door.

The planet of Heaven is invaded and occupied by a highly aggressive civilization after living in peace for more than a thousand years. After decades of war, Heaven is finally freed. They begin a massive military expansion, only to find far worse than their past coming towards them off the filament.
Forced to search the galaxy for advanced weapon technology in order to confront the coming menace, Heaven’s scouts find warriors that are bound together and not easily convinced that Heaven’s scouts are not enemies. 

The interstellar war that breaks out on the filaments will keep you turning pages in this latest installment in the Stories from the Filaments. The action in The Soul of the Swords, Brotherhood is More than Metal is fast paced and packed with twists that will keep you wondering what’s coming. Buckle in and go to full boosters as Heaven faces Hell rushing toward it at incredible speed in indestructible warships.

A Pirates Tale

Helpless on the surface of the planet Jergan, Leonidas Piper watched his warship and best friend being blasted into rubble. The warship was all they had left after the Unity Government disbanded their mercenary legion and in a matter of seconds is was gone. Now nothing remained of it but gas, debris, and the resolve of Leonidas to revenge the death of his best friend. 

In A Pirate’s Tale, Saxon Andrew follows Leonidas as he seeks retribution and discovers that evil has many layers. This story takes place in the Filament Universe and it doesn’t take long to determine that knowing who the good and bad guys are is nearly impossible. The twists and turns will keep you guessing and leave you wondering if the 'Only Solution is Retribution'.

Review of a Pirate's Tale

I really liked the story and his style 
By Amazon Customer on September 19, 2016

Format: Kindle Edition 
I just discovered Saxon Andrew a week ago when I read "Gregor's Run". I really liked the story and his style. I immediately got "A Pirates's Tale". Another great read. I think that I hit the mother load with this author. His story telling reminds me of an author that I read many years ago, E.E. Doc Smith. His heroes are decisive and intuitive. No hand wringing when they have to dispatch a bad guy. Operate with honor and integrity. Loyal to their friends and allies.

The stories move fast with intrigue and plot twists. The Sci-Fi is more Fi than Sci, but that frees his imagination and he takes advantage of it. If you are a purist about the science, go read a textbook. His stories are feel good adventures, so if you are into dark, depressing reading, go elsewhere. He creates some impossible spots for his characters to be in, but resolves the issues in clever ways.

The problem is that I have been binge reading and not getting stuff done. It is like eating potato chips. The best part is that he has written a lot of books, and I plan to read every one.

P.S. If you really like profanity in your books, skip this one. This author keeps the language clean (God bless him)

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