Ashes of the Realm

Juliette's Dream

"Juliette's Dream" is the first book of bestselling author Saxon Andrew's second Sci-Fi series, Ashes of the Realm.   This new series covers the period after the destruction of the Star's Realm.

The Five Provinces have been left behind by the Stars Realm and civil war has broken out. Hundreds of thousands of planets have been decimated, and millions of others blasted back into primitive technology. Trillions have died, and the killing is far from over.

After two thousand years the survivors are barely eking out an existence on what remains of the once powerful Realm. Out of the ashes, a young human archer will arise as a leader in the fight for the survival of his community as well as the giant Zord that fly the skies of the once powerful Provincial Capital, El Prado. The radioactive wastelands and millions of giant carnivores are the least of the community’s problems. Thousands have been killed and the raiders are coming again.  Raiders from the stars are what must be faced by the brave archers to survive.

Greyson's Revenge

King Daulun Jongo has destroyed the planet of Haldale killing millions offering an example of what to expect if the Empire interfers with him again and is now searching for the ships that destroyed one of his fleets. The Empire is out gunned and they know it's just a matter of time until Jongo discovers Bristone, the home planet of the Zord. Things don't look good and they will soon discover that Jongo is being held hostage and controlled by an evil Provincial Duke that has two thousand Searchers in his fleet.

The Empire is caught up in a civil war and survival is uncertain for many reasons including an invader lurking in the shadows waiting to see who comes out the victor before they zero in to attack.

The action continues in Greyson's Revenge as the brave fighters and Zord on Bristone struggle to survive overwhelming odds and bring peace to a war weary universe.

Death of an Empire

In the third book of the Ashes of the Realm series, the Algeans have been found by the Empire and have agreed to work together to find an answer to the harvesting of the orange pods by the Black Ships. If they are successful in finding a way to kill the pods, then the main tool of destruction used by the Invaders will be eliminated. However, success means angering the power behind the Black Ships and there is a rising fear that there will be revenge on the Empire for destroying its drug supply.

The magnitude of that revenge is beyond anyone in the Empire's wildest imagination.

The space opera action continues in “Death of an Empire” as the Emperor continues the struggle to survive against an ancient evil enemy.The action continues in Death of an Empire as the Emperor continues the struggle to survive against an ancient enemy.

Return of the Realm

The Empire’s former universe has been destroyed and only sixty six planets survived the fleets of Black Ships. Now the Empire is going to confront the Stars Realm and inform them of their coming destruction. Trey’s anger at the Realm will guide him and he welcomes the coming invasion of the Realm by the Demons. His plans no longer include the Realm and he looks forward to its destruction. Then he meets the Realm's creators and finds that all the things he believed are not as they appear. Creation is at stake and Trey and Cassie are lost on what do next. Perhaps salvation lies in the Return of the Realm.

The action continues in Return of the Realm as the Empire continues the struggle to survive an ancient enemy 
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