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Saxon Andrew is one of Amazon’s number one international bestselling science fiction independent authors. A list of his series includes the Annihilation Series, Ashes of the Realm, Fight for Creation, Lens of Time, Star Chase, Jesse’s, Trapped in Time and the Nemesis,  Escape to
Earth, Defending Earth, Death Prophecies, Stories from the Filament, and Jimmy's Dreams.  A lifelong reader of science fiction, Saxon developed a love as a young boy for the works of the great masters such as E.E. ‘Doc’ Smith, Isaac Asimov and Frank Herbert have shaped his view of the world and the cosmos.

A former high school coach and classroom teacher who enjoyed the challenges of working with students also enjoyed a corporate sales/training career before he moved on to establishing a family owned service business in Tampa, Florida.

Soon after retirement and at the encouragement of his wife, who admired his over active imagination and storytelling abilities, he sat down in 2009 to see if he could write a science fiction story. The first book he wrote was “Annihilation – Love Conquers All” and before he knew it three books had made their way on to his laptop. The response from some trusted friends and family was overwhelming! The first three books were published in April of 2011 and he’s discovered a few things since then…..

“Soon i found there were hundreds who enjoyed my books and bought all three of the first trilogy; the growth continued and before I knew it all three became best sellers on Amazon.com.  I also received some reviews that pointed out I had lots to learn. I am a work in progress and totally see the validity of constructive criticisms; however my intent is to entertain and produce a story that keeps readers of all ages turning the pages. I write like I speak and recognize that I have some work ahead to become a more accomplished writer and intend on continuing to grow in my skills. I have also discovered my passion to provide books for those who enjoy my stories and sincerely hope that I never get so caught up in style that I lose the ability to produce an entertaining piece. Parents don’t have to worry about their children reading my books, because I keep it clean and strive to pen a story all ages can read and enjoy. I want science fiction fans, like myself, to stay up all night trying to finish one of my stories!

There, you’re warned.  Have I got some stories for you.  Now hold on to your seats and enjoy the SciFi series I’ve created...

Saxon still lives in Tampa and when he’s not creating a new story or keeping in touch with his fans and fellow indie authors; he’s golfing, traveling or enjoying the beaches of Florida.

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